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Two shows with Bu.d.d.A. supporting Bohren und der Club of Gore coming up. 18th May Kaserne, Basel (CH) and 26th May Kantine, Augsburg (D).



The new album A Fleeting Moment Of Superabundance can now be bought via the b°tong bandcamp site, as well as from Force Majeure and Les Nouvelles Propagandes. Next show is in Basel at Sudhaus, 18th April.


XXI W.I.F. is over and it was a blast. Met one of my label bosses and he said the new record is ready. So more news on that very soon... Next dates will be in February 2023 when Bruitisme holds its jubilee event in Lyon. Trying to build some dates around that together with Tamagawa.


The new record is printed... "A Fleeting Moment Of Superabundance" will be ready soon. The label is now only waiting for the silk-screened sleeves to be ready.

B°TONG will finally play with a butoh dancer! Sat 17th in Bern, I will perform together with Tochtli at Space Between Festival. In October it's off with Bu.d.d.A. We will tour two weeks together with Drekka (USA). These are the dates:

09.10. Club Debil, Dresden (D)
10.10. Mdme Claude, Berlin (D)
12.10. Stary Zidovsky Hrbitov, Telc (PL)
13.10. TBC, Nachod (CZ)
14.10. Zamek Cultural Center, Poznan (PL)
15.10. Prdzychodnia Sklot, Warszawa (PL)
16.10. Fab In 3 Epillogue, Lodz (PL)
17.10. Scena Supernova, Krakow (PL)
18.10. TBA, Ostrava (CZ)
19.10. Barka, Zlin (CZ)
20.10. Tri Ocasci, Brno (CZ)
21.10. Punctum, Prague (CZ)
22.10. Club W71, Weikersheim (D) B°TONG
23.10. AKK, Karlsruhe (D)

Upon return another B°TONg show together with Tochlti here: 29.10. Glubos Jubilee Fest, Basel, and then off to Wroclaw Industrial Festival XXI where I play Sat 5th November.



Soon off with Bu.d.d.A. for a handful of dates culminating in an appearance at Bruital Furore Festival in Hamburg. The new album "Diese Anmut von Trophöen" is out on Zhelezobeton/attenuation circuit". It is avilable on CD, casette and digitally and features guest appearances by Drekk (with whom we will tour later this year), Bees of Common Eider/King Eider and Bebawinigi.

The new B°TONG vinyl - "A Fleeting Moment Of Superabundance" - could well be ready in September/October. It has two long tracks and is the first B°TONG album recorded by playing real instruments. It will be released by Les Nouvelles Propagandes/Force Majeure in France.


B°TONG will perform at this year's Wroclaw Industrial Festival! Some more solo shows will be announced, but for the most part, this year, it will be Bu.d.d.A. playing and touring. The new album should be realeased by October.



Short update... a new release is pending, a vinyl/CD album on Force Majeure/Les Nouvelles Propagandes. Also we are working on a new Bu.d.d.A. release for the upcoming tour in July. The Bu.d.d.A. album will hopefully be released in time for the autumn tour with Drekka (USA). B°TONG meanwhile has been confirmed for Wroclaw Industrial Festival 2022! And the latest album, "The Eradication Of The Individual" on Oxidation, is now being distirbuted by Cold Spring.


The first Bu.d.d.A. album will be out on CD/cassette and download soon. It will feature guests such as Bebawinigi, Bees (King Eider/Common Eider as well as Drekka. There will also be a festival appearance in 2022 (Bruital Furore, M/s Stubnitz HH) around which we will book a smaller tour. As for B°TONG, we are working on the release of a vinyl album together with Force Majeure in France. The title so far: "In A Fleeting Moment Of Superabundance". It is the first album that is made using real instruments!


Someone had this to say about our recent show with Bu.d.d.A. & N at Bastion, Bochum:

"Der Alphabetisierungskurs, zu dem ich meine Freundin begleitete, war ein geradezu betrügerischer Totalausfall. Die im Vorfeld angepriesenen Buchstaben "M" und "N" wurden gar nicht durchgenommen oder kamen, wenn überhaupt, nur am äußersten Rande vor. Die Lehrkräfte, die unter dem schrägen Pseudonym Bu.d.d.A. agierten sowie die vermeintlichen Experten für "M" und "N" waren sich ihrer Verantwortung offenkundig nicht bewusst und schienen in keinster Weise qualifiziert für eine solche Aufgabe. Wenigstens der Fachmann für "M" wurde anscheinend von Gewissensbissen verfolgt: Er wirkte in sich gekehrt, gramgeplagt, verzweifelt und stieß, neben viel Unverständlichem, regelmäßig den Schrei "Chaos" aus. Der abschließende Versuch der Herrschaften, die Teilnehmer mit einer "Meditation" zu besänftigen, war jämmerlich und an Dreistheit kaum zu überbieten." NOt sure if it is meant seriously or as a joke, but hilarious it is - for those of you who understand German. Meanwhile Oxidation has released the new B°TONG CD.


"The Eradication Of The Individual" will be out 1st October on the US-based Oxidation label!


The tour with Bu.d.d.A. is over - we released a split tape together with our touring partner N. It is available from Attenuation Circuit. The new B°TONG CD The Eradication Of The Individual is due out in October! Also there will be two shows togtehr with Jozef van Wissem - at Slow Club in Freiburg, and at Humbug in Basel, plus another show in basel at Hirscheneck. At these three shows I will present my new live set.


It is with great joy, that I announce the next B°TONG album will be released by Oxidation Records (USA). It will be released on CD and digitally. Watch these spaces for more information regarding the release of "The Eradication Of The Individual":


Bu.d.d.A. will go on tour with N (Multer, Denovali Records) - we already have some dates fixed. Let's hope they will be possible to play - end of August/September. The two CD EPs on Marbre Negre and Econore are out now.


Bu.d.d.A. has a new CD-EP coming out on Marbre Negre and we have also finished recording and mixing the first proper album. Meanwhile there's two finished b°tong albums that need to find a home. Live activities should resume sometime this year... also another Waschzwang sampler.


The year is 2021 and special circumstances still hold valid. Nevertheless there have been two releases featuring B°TONG: "25 Surface Structures" is a vinyl compilation featuring 25 short pieces by various artists. It is released by Grubenwehr in Freiburg, Germany. The same label also released a split cassette with B°TONG and Fabio Oris from Italy. Both releases are also available digitally. Meanwhile the recordings for the Bu.d.d.A. album proceed.


The Bu.d.d.A. tour, under the somewhat special circumstances, was a huge success. We played sold-out shows wherever we went and were able to develop a our own style. Now we will continue recording our album... Meanwhile, Grubenwehr has released a split cassettte with Fabio Oris and B°TONG. You can find it here. The cassette is limited to 50 copies but it is also available digitally.


Final rehearsals for the Bu.d.d.A. tour and working on new material. For the first time ever, b°tong is recording playing actual instruments!


No news regarding live shows, but there will be some compilation tracks and split releases coming out this year, maybe even a full album. I still hope to be playing a small tour with Bu.d.d.A. the new project of me and Sascha from Emerge. Due to recording with Bu.d.d.A. I have discovered the fun of actually recording with real instruments rather than use samples and field recordings, so there have already been some attempts at re-inventing B°TONG.


All shows have been canncelled or postponed to later this year. Not sure wether the summer festival in Augsburg will happen - it is scheduled for early July - but if so, there will be a show by both B°TONG and Bu.d.d.A. Meanwhile we are booking the October Bu.d.d.A. tour together with DREKKA from the USA, and are recording for the first album. B°TONG has two releases ready for release, so keep your eyes and ears open...


As 2019 is coming to an end, B°TONG can look back on a good year, with nice shows and a fine new release. I am now preparing for 2020 with my new and approved set. There is also new music that could be released... but first there will be a first tour with my new project Bu.d.d.A. together with Sascha Stadlmeier of Emerge.


As Chris is getting ready for the last two B°TONG shows of the year, he is now booking two tours for Bu.d.d.A. together with Sascha Stadlmeier. The duo will go on their first tour in April 2020, and will follow that with an extended tour in October 2020, hopefully with a whole new album as merchandise...


Bu.d.d.A. CD EP out on Attenuation Circuit, you can get it here. Two more live dates added, check here. Also the new patches have arrived and are available by writing to kingmongol(at)hotmail(dot)com. They cost 5€ and look like this:


After a succesful little tour through Slovenia (playing with Puce Mary at Zasavje Noise Festival), Italy, Switzerland and Germany, the next date is with Australian label-mates (Silken Tofu) Kollaps in Basel. The Bu.d.d.A. CD is released on Attenuation Circuit. It features Chris and Sascha Stadlmeier with guest musician Dieter Mauson. Bu.d.d.A. also had their first live performance in Zürich recently. More activity to follow, it is a welcome break from playing solo.


New live dates: 7th September Zasavje Noise Festival with Bu.d.d.A. - the new project with Sascha Stadlmeier (Emerge/Attenuation Circuit) and then some more dates either as b°tong or Bu.d.d.A. culminating in a show in Freiburg i. Br. in Germany. Also b°tong is set to play with Australian label-mates Kollaps (Silken Tofu) in Basel 24th September. Bu.d.d.A. has a CD coming on Attenuation Circuit. The album is already available as download via Attenuation Circuit's bandcamp page here.

There are still physical copies available of the "Probing The Boundaries" CD. Order or download here or here.


Homepage back online after some serious issues with the "new" web-designer and thus a return to the old designer. What's been happening? B°TONG went on a successful tour together with Takkiduda (Japan) and Re-drum (Russia); the new CD "Pobing The Boundaries" got released on the cool little Spanish label Marbre Negre; B°TONG played two festivals - Bruitisme and Kaschemme Birthday Bash; and finally, B°TONG is working on another new album, for which, hopefully, there will be  avinyl release. Also looking into the possibility of re-issuing "Probing..." on vinyl.


I had short appearance on national Swiss television - in the series "Der Bestatter" I perform playback as guitarist in a fictional band. The song that was used is an old song of mine (Hopeless Case) that appeared on the PHASED album "Schtomp & Decadence" - fun fact: you can hear the singer-actor singing with my voice.

The episode "Spiel mit dem Feuer" was aired Tue 5th and Thu 7th February on SRF 1 and SRF 2.


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