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Florian S

"Something washed ashore... when we cut into it, sound emerged.
Heavy and unrelenting, it penetrated our minds, our dreams.
It was as if the Old Ones beckoned... singing to us... songs about cleansing, and destruction...

pleasure as pain... sin without redemption.

Until we give in, we will breathe these fumes... LEADEN FUMES"

LEADEN FUMES is a doom-metal steamroller with space-rock and progressive influences.

The Sludgelord scene-blog certifies that the "vocals have Pentagram feels, while the Melvins and St. Vitus say hello". 

LEADEN FUMES liberate the ears, make sonic the mind, and subsonic the soul.

LEADEN FUMES came to when Phased finally split in 2016.

Phased had been a stoner/doom band Christian S formed back in 1997. Most likely, Phased were Switzerland's first stoner band, surely they were the only Swiss band ever to sign to Elektrohasch Records (Colour Haze).

In its time, the band released four acclaimed albums, played festivals like Stoned From The Underground, Up In Smoke, Rock Altitude, while supporting bands such as Neurosis, Mastodon, High On Fire, Spirit Caravan, Orange Goblin, etc.

In LEADEN FUMES two ex-Phased members reconvene wreaking fresh havoc.

While Christian S switched from guitar to the bass, Florian S is now solely responsible for the six-string chaos.

The line-up is completed by talented drummer Jonathan S (who also plays in Echolot).

LEADEN FUMES released their first demo in 2017.

They then played local festivals, headlined a metal-night in Zürich and ventured to Germany.

By 2020, the band had recorded and released their first album entitled "Abandon Ship". It features seven

sleazy slow songs that blend classic doom, math-rock and black-metal.

Released by P.B.B. in Switzerland it is available on vinyl and CD from the Leaden Fumes bandcamp site,

via Flight 13, and some other selected mail-order services (Sixteentimes Music).

A digital version is available on various streaming services worldwide.

2022, LEADEN FUMES signed with "Sixteentimes Music" who will release their new album in 2023.

The new album shows a significant progress from the more traditional doom of "Abandon Ship".

It was recorded with Marc Obrist (Zeal & Ardor) in his studio, and was mastered by Koichi Hara (Boris, Corrupted).

Some bands LEADEN FUMES have played with:

Acid Rooster (D), Aluk Todolo (F), Cities Of Mars (S), Elder (USA), Gates Of Slumber (USA), Greenmachine (Japan), Lord Vicar (S/SF/UK), SYK (Italy), Year Of The Cobra (USA).

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