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Next shows:
11.06.23: Sedel, Lucerne (CH) with The Obsessed

Past dates:
19.05.23: Club W71, Wekersheim (D) with Skullpriest
14.04.23: Humbug, Basel (CH) record release show with Soldat Hans and Retromorcego
18.02.23: Sudhaus, Basel (CH) with Midnight Deadbeats

29.10.22: Glubos Jubilee Fest, Basel (CH) with Flip Floater, B°TONG and Eva Pandora, H.U.
01.04.22: Slow Club, Freiburg (D) with Acid Rooster, Magister

02.04.22: Quarterdeck, Basel (CH) with Acid Rooster, Magister

19.11.21: La Sauce B16, Besseges (F) with Le Club des Gens Speciaux
20.11.21: Nickcave, Die (F) with Le Club des Gens Speciaux
18.05.21: Radio X, Basel (CH) special 30 minute live on air with interview on Metal X

03.06.20 Humbug, Basel (CH) + Tyrannosaurus Globi, Midnight Deadbeats07.03.20 M.V.B. Leipzig (D) + Christopher Colossus
06.03.20 Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin (D) + Gates Of Slumber, Lord Vicar, Cardinals Folly
28.02.20 Off, Basel (CH) + Oakhead (Leaden Fumes record release show)

14.10.19 Ebrietas, Zürich (CH) + Purpura, Syvään (special concert with Leaden Fumes Drone Duo + Leaden Syvään Big Band)
27.07.19 Ebrietas, Zürich (CH) + Aluk Todolo (special concert with Leaden Fumes Drone Duo)
09.02.19 Horst Club, Kreuzlingen (CH) + Skull Priest

13.10.18 Doom Over Würzburg @ Immerhin, Würzburg (D) + Elder, Ancestors, Wolf Counsel
14.09.18 Deep Sound City Festival, Halle (D) + Slave Hands, Morast
13.09.18 Kunstverein, Nürnberg (D) + Slave Hands
25.05.18 Coq d'Or, Olten (CH) + Year Of The Cobra, Toke
19.05.18 Ebrietas, Zürich (CH) + Excruciation, Vomitheist, Deaththrone
22.04.18 Sedel, Luzern (CH) + Greenmachine
20.04.18 Hirscheneck, Basel (CH) + SYK, Scratches
03.03.18 Souterrain Lärmfestivität @ Kaschemme, Basel (CH) + Cold Cell, King Legba & The Loas, Dick Laurent, etc.
26.01.18 Loch @ Irrsinn Bar, Basel (CH) + Duo Doom, showcase and launch party of Tales Of Doom concert series
13.10.17: Hirscheneck, Basel (CH) with Cities Of Mars & Echolot Sound System


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