We were in the recording studio! We recorded six brand new songs with Marc Obrist (Zeal&Ardor), and are now slowly mixing the album and looking for a new label.

We will also play live on Radio X. May 18th will see a special Leaden Fumes broadcast with 30 minutes of songs and interviews on Metal X.


The year is 2021 and special circumstances still hold valid. Nevertheless we have been busy writing songs and are now in the pre-production stage... six songs are being recorded and then we'll prepare for the real studio recordings in April. Hopefully there will also be live shows to announce sometime in the near future!


The two shows with Deville were cancelled due to the ususal circumstances of Corona. Other than that, there is not much to write about. The band is writing and rehearsing new songs and waiting for the live-circuit to come alive again. Sad times...


We have two shows to announce! While our drummer just has released a new album with his other band Echolot and played a successful release show recently, Leaden Fumes are proud to announce we will play two dates this month - together with Deville from Sweden we will rock in Basel and Oberentfelden.


Strange times indeed... no saying just when we can resuem our live activities. Following our first show after lockdown, the venue closed again. Oh well, what a shame! So, in the meantime we are writing new songs and practicing them and might be recording our next album pretty soon...


We are back in business - Leaden Fumes will headline a local three band event with our friends TYSG & Midnight Deadbeats:


All reviews have been collected on the "media" side - new ones will be added as they come in... we are now concentrating on writing new songs and are hoping that we can play live again soon. Meanwhile, stay healthy, stay free, stay doomed.


The first  interviews are rolling in, as well as more reviews. We will post them on the "media" side. Meanwhile here for you to enjoy during these times of isolation and no concerts - a short clip with 30 minutes of Leaden Fumes live in the practice room.


Here are some words from The Obelisk about our new album. We had an awesome weekend in Berlin and Leipzig. Thanks to Lord Vicar, The Gates Of Slumber and Tom who booked this cool event in Berlin. Thanks to the amazing crowd! And thanks also to Christopher Colossus for a shattering show in Leipzig.



Here is a link to an article about our video-clip and album at artnoir.ch.


Abandon Ship is set to be released on 28th February. The clip to This Bleeding Cavity will be premiered on "artnoir.ch" on 17th February. Abandon Ship is available on vinyl, CD ans well as digitally. Check out the Leaden Fumes bandcamp site, or order via Flight 13 in Germany.


Leaden Fumes have been added to the line-up of Berlin's "Awakening Of The Wretched", and will open up for The Gates Of Slumber, Lord Vicar and Cardinals Folly.


"Abandon Ship" is in the pressing plant - we are waiting for the vinyl and CD to arrive. The official release date will be 02.02.2020. "Abandon Ship" is released by P.B.B. and wilöl also be available digitally on bandcamp and various streaming services, courtesy of 16x. We have also already booked some shows for 2020 and are working on more...


Had a fantastic show last night! The Leaden Fumes duo version is a force to be reckoned with. Also did a cover of Che by Suicide, which morphed into The Lights, The Sound... by Flipper together with the Syvään members. Florian ripped the strings from his guitar and Christian did a David Yow...


The Leaden Fumes Drone Duo rises again. Florian and Christian will play Ebrietas in Zürich, together with Syvään (sporting Rolf from Bloodstar and Michael of ex-Phased fame) and Purpura. After the respective sets of Syvään and Leaden Fumes Drone Duo, the Leaden Syvään Big Band Orchestra takes the stage to play Che by Suicide.



Working hard on the release of our first album and trying to book some shows.


New homepage finally online after some issues with the provider. Sorry for the long delay. What's up? We recorded our first album and are preparing its release. We have a show in Zürich (CH) on 27th August, with Aluk Todolo. It will be a special showcase with the Leaden Fumes Drone Duo, as our drummer is unavailable!

Also, we have produced a pod-cast, which we will be airing soon... stay tuned for some funny discussions in Swiss-German dialect!!!


Our singer and bass-player appeared on national Swiss television. In the series "Der Bestatter" he performs playback as guitarist in a fictional band. The song used is an old song of his (Hopeless Case) that appeared on the PHASED album "Schtomp & Decadence" - fun fact: you can hear Christian's voice, but it is an actor who "sings".

The episode "Spiel mit dem Feuer" was aired Tue 5th and Thu 7th February on SRF 1 and SRF 2.























We will begin with the recording of our first album in January. Recordings will be done at our own High Street Studio rehearsal space.

We have no shows planned until the album is done.

Hail the tentacles! Worship the deep!



"Doom Over Würzburg" @ Immerhin is already sold out! We are stoked to be playing together with Elder, Ancestors and Wolf Counsel.



Singer and bass-player Christian S just spent a day miming the guitar player in a fake-band for a Swiss TV series, playing to one of his older songs. We will announce more info come broadcast time. For now, he is not allowed to give any further details... but he was able to to do some covert advertising in the name of Leaden Fumes.



We're back from a weekend full of music, playing with Slave Hands from Finland and Morast from Germany at Low Frequency Assault and Deep Sound City Festival. The show in Leipzig was cancelled due to contemporary venue shut-down. Oh well... But now we prepare for the next show with Elder!



13th October "Leaden Fumes" will play together with "Elder" in Würzburg as part of a small festival with "Ancestors" and "Wolf Counsel".



We now have a total of nine songs in our repertoire, these we will practice to death for our scheduled shows and for a proper recording session later this year. Due to the length of some of the songs we cannot play them all, but have made a good selection for a fine live-set.



Added another gig to our first German dates:

13.09.18 Kunstverein, Nürnberg (D), 14.09.18 Deep Sound City Festival, Halle (D),15.09.18 M.V.B. Leipzig (D)























Here you can buy tickets for the Deep Sound City Festival in Halle (D):


Weekendticket 25€

Friday only: 10€

Saturday only: 15€.














Summer break, at least regarding live shows. We'll be concentrating on finishing some new songs and recording them all for an upcoming vinyl. In September we'll be playing live in Germany for the first time - two shows with Finnish sludge-kickers Slave Hands in Nürneberg and Halle, and later Würzburg with Wolf Counsel. Detailed infos coming...


20.05.2018: Next stop - Coq d'Or, Olten (CH) with Toke and Year Of The Cobra!

"Basel’s one and only Leaden Fumes machen keine Gefangenen. Diese Rauchschwaden mögen zuerst bezirzen,erschlagen einen aber alsbald mit einer fiesen, harschen Wucht zwischen Doom, Sludge und Drone."



Short notice announcement!!!

We play at "Ebrietas" in Zürich, this Saturday 19th May - replacing the slot of "Whiskey Ritual" who cancelled their appearance.

Looking forward to blast out our heavy tunes with "Excruciation", "Vomitheist" and "Deaththrone". Leaden Fumes will play last (23:10), clearing the building with our heavy doom from ther deep:



















Our concerts with SYK at Hirscheneck, Basel and Greenmachine at Sedel, Lucerne were a blast, next up will be 25th May with Toke and Year Of The Cobra at Coq d'Or, Olten (CH)

Stay tuned for some German dates after the summer! Meanwhile we'll record new songs for a tentative release on vinyl. More details to follow...



Brothers & Sisters of the Tentacled Cloth, our next manifestations are:

20th April at Hirscheneck, Basel (CH)

22nd April at Sedel, Lucerne (CH)

25th Mai at Coc d'Or, Olten (CH)



ARTNOIR posted some pictures of the Leaden Fumes show at Souterrain festival here - thank you! And here you can find a short live-clip with interview made by the cool guys of TOTENTANZ - thank you!

Meanwhile we're stoked to play with Toke at the legendary Coq d'Or in Olten. Also playing will be Year Of The Cobra...



More shows to announce - see "live" section. We're especially proud to announce that Leaden Fumes will support the legendary Greenmachine at the no less legendary Sedel venue in Lucerne 22nd April:





















Leaden Fumes played a small showcase for the launch party for a new concert series called "Tales Of Doom" - the band rocked so hard the head of Flo's guitar snapped!



Leaden Fumes have been invited to play at the launch party of "Tales Of Doom" concert-series together with their friends Echolot, Duo Doom and Heavy Harvest. The date: 26th January, the place: Loch @ Irrsinn Bar (Basel).



The demo CD is finally available, though only from us or at concerts. We have a bandcamp site now too, where you can download or purchase the CD and T-shirt: leadenfumes.bandcamp.com



The Demo CD release is delayed due to problems at the pressing plant. Instead we now may announce that we have our first T-shirts available - designed by Luca Piazzalonga. You can order by writing to us, € 20.- per shirt... almost all sizes available. Comes in a bag including a sticker, a free Demo CD-R and  the flyer for our first show. This is a limited edition!














Poster artwork to the little festival where Leaden Fumes will play their first live show:






















Almost finished the recordings for the demo, which will be self-released and sold at future shows. It will also be sent to various record-labels to see if there is interest in an album proper. The only thing missing are the vocals, then mixdown and mastering can begin...

Leaden Fumes will play their exclusive debut-show at local venue Hirscheneck (Basel, Switzerland) on 13th October.



Leaden Fumes are doing some demo-recordings for future use and are preparing for their first ever live-show.

More to be announced soon!



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